December 2017

Friday 1st Weekday in Ordinary Time
Saturday 2nd Weekday in Ordinary Time
Sunday 3rd Week 1, First Sunday of Advent
Monday 4th Weekday of Advent

St. John Damascene, priest, Doctor of the Church

Tuesday 5th Weekday of Advent
Wednesday 6th Weekday of Advent

St. Nicholas, bishop

Thursday 7th St. Ambrose, bishop, Doctor of the Church, memorial
Friday 8th The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, solemnity
Saturday 9th Weekday of Advent

St. Juan Diego Cuahtlatoatzin

Sunday 10th Week 2, 2nd Sunday of Advent
Monday 11th Weekday of Advent

St Damasus 1, pope

Tuesday 12th Weekday of Advent

Our Lady of Guadeloupe

Wednesday 13th St. Lucy, virgin, martyr, memorial
Thursday 14th St. John of the Cross, priest, Doctor of the Church, memorial
Friday 15th Weekday of Advent
Saturday 16th Weekday of Advent
Sunday 17th Week 3, 3rd Sunday of Advent
Monday 18th Weekday of Advent
Tuesday 19th Weekday of Advent
Wednesday 20th Weekday of Advent
Thursday 21st Weekday of Advent

St. Peter Canisius, priest, Doctor of the Church

Friday 22nd Weekday of Advent
Saturday 23rd Weekday of Advent

St. John of Kanty, priest

Sunday 24th Week 4, 4th Sunday of Advent
Monday 25th THE NATIVITY OF THE LORD, solemnity
Tuesday 26th St. Stephen, the first martyr, feast
Wednesday 27th St. John, apostle, evangelist, feast
Thursday 28th The Holy Innocents, martyrs, feast
Friday 29th 5th day of Christmas Octave, feast

St. Thomas à Becket, bishop, martyr

Saturday 30th 6th day of Christmas octave
Sunday 31st The Holy family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, feast