BULLETIN LETTER – Ealingabbeyparish



Dear Parishioner,


The Prophet Isaiah from our first reading writes: “for my thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways, it is the Lord who speaks!”  Well, I stopped second guessing what God’s plan was for me in the overall scheme of things a long time ago!  And He’s done it again! I joined the Parish Team in September 2016, have been acting Parish Priest since March and now that has turned into the actual Parish Priest. WOW!

I have already been overwhelmed by the support, kindness, generosity and prayers of so many people manifested at the significant moments of my monastic formation and culminating in my Ordination to the priesthood on 4th July 2015.  Thank you all so much for that!

Taking on the role as Parish Priest is a big challenge.  I step into the role quite wet behind the ears!  So there’s a lot of learning to take place!  So I’m letting you know now I’m going to make mistakes, get it wrong, and often not meet people’s expectations. I apologise in advance!  But that’s why Isaiah’s words are so potent!  God is at work here!  He’s the one putting it all together!  Our job is to let Him get on with it and not get in His way!  And that takes practice and learning from mistakes!

So I ask for your patience, your support and prayers!   I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been working in the parish over so many years, from all on the Parish Team, our maintenance Team, our Catechists and volunteers who are making this parish what it is!

I am looking forward to working together collaboratively on the challenges we face as a Christian community and continuing to maintain a safer and secure environment for all, to uncovering, enhancing and discovering even further the treasure of skills and talents as yet untapped, in order to bring about even further the Kingdom of God here in Ealing!

May God bless you all and keep you safe and may you find in the parish of Ealing Abbey a place of refuge, spiritual renewal and inner strength to play your role in bringing about the God’s Kingdom!


Yours in Christ,                                     D. Ambrose