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Dear Parishioner,


Dear Parishioner,

when was the last time you had to do something that nearly tore you apart? How did you come to the place and reach that moment that made your realize that you had no alternative?

When we read about God wanting Abraham to sacrifice his own son, Isaac, it arouses moral outrage, incomprehension and incredulity as to how could a truly loving God ask and expect such a thing?   In it’s historical context, the story is seen as a positive moral example. Those who participate in this narrative know what it means to sacrifice a child and they suffer with Abraham in helpless silence. But the question behind all of this still remains: How can I really know that God is really asking me to do this?  Ultimately, there will never be a rock solid definitive positive resounding response to that.

But listening is a good start.   Listening to his Beloved Son as told in our gospel.  But our listening needs to be very multi-layered, considered and reflective.  It involves scripture as its back-bone and Church teaching down through the ages.  It involves scholarship, family, friends, and those who we share this world of ours with!  So it’s never an isolated, on our own process.  God took Abraham on a journey and set before him numerous tests before this ultimate one.

The Transfiguration was given to Peter, James & John to help their listening, improve their listening, to understand more clearly God’s Will.  They needed it, as they would later have to grapple and come to terms with the events of Holy Week.

Becoming better at listening could be a goal for this Lent and we might be quite surprised what a difference it has made to our lives! Let’s exchange notes at Easter as to how we got on.

 Yours in Christ,

D Ambrose