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Ealing Abbey Church of St. Benedict Calendar 2018                                                             

Lectionary – Sunday Year B, Weekdays Year II – Holydays of Obligation.

The Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has agreed the following changes to take effect from 1st  Sunday of Advent 2017:-

  • Epiphany of the Lord to be celebrated on 6th January, except when this falls on a Saturday or a Monday when it is transferred to the adjacent Sunday.
  • Ascension of the Lord to be celebrated on Thursday in the 6th Week of Easter. Both are Holydays of Obligation.

The other Holydays of Obligation for England and Wales remain the same.


2018 New Year’s DayMonday 1st January Mary, Mother of God

Sunday 7th January Epiphany (transferred from Saturday 6th January)

Monday 8th January Baptism of the Lord


Ordinary TimeWinter

Sunday 14th January 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Peace Day

Friday 2nd February Presentation of the Lord

Sunday 11th February 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time (last Sunday before Lent)

During Ordinary Time in winter, in the days leading up to Lent, we are asked to pray for these intentions:  Peace on Earth; Christian Unity; The Sick and Those Who Care for Them; Victims of Trafficking and Those who Work to Combat it; The Unemployed.

            Peace on Earth: Peace Day Sunday 14th January (2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time)

            Christian Unity: Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity 18th-25th January

            Day for Victims of Trafficking and Those who Work to Combat it:  Thursday 8th February  (St.Josephine Bakhita)

            Racial Justice Day: Sunday 28th January

            The Unemployed: Day for the Unemployed Sunday 11th February

            The Sick and Those Who Care for Them: World Day for the Sick Sunday 11th February


Lent – Ash Wednesday – Wednesday 14th February

Sunday 18th February 1st Sunday of Lent

Monday 19th March St. Joseph

During Lent we are asked to pray for these intentions: Candidates for the Sacraments; Women; The Needy and Hungry of the World; Penitents and Wanderers.

            Candidates for the Sacraments: especially on the Sundays of Lent

            Penitents and Wanderers: Lent Fast Day Friday 23rd February

            Women’s World Day of Prayer: Friday 2nd March

            The Needy and Hungry of the World:


Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord – Sunday 1st April

Monday 9th April The Annunciation of the Lord

Monday 23rd April St. George

Thursday 10th May Ascension of the Lord

Sunday 13th May 7th Sunday of Easter

Sunday 20th May Pentecost

During Easter we are asked to pray for these intentions: New Members of the Church; Vocations; The Right Use of the Media; the Church; Human Work.

            World Day of Prayer for Vocations:  Sunday 22nd April (4th Sunday of Easter)

            World Communications Day: Sunday 13th May (7th Sunday of Easter)

            St Joseph the Worker: Tuesday 1st May

            The Church: especially at Pentecost, Sunday 20th May


Ordinary TimeSummer

Monday 21st May 7th Week in Ordinary Time

Sunday 27th May Most Holy Trinity

Sunday 3rd June The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Friday 8th June Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sunday 10th June 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday 24th June Nativity of St John the Baptist

Friday 29th June St. Peter and St. Paul

Monday 6th August Transfiguration of the Lord

Wednesday 15th August The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

During Ordinary Time in the summer days leading up to September, we are asked to pray for these intentions: A Deeper Understanding between Christians and Jews; Those Who Suffer Persecution, Oppression and Denial of Human Rights; Europe; Human Life; Seafarers.

             Day for Life:  Sunday 17th June (3rd Sunday in June)

             St. John Fisher and St Thomas More: Friday 22nd June

            Sea Sunday: Sunday 8th July (2nd Sunday in July)

            Europe: (Patron Saints – St Benedict, St Bridget and St Teresa Benedicta as below, also Sts. Cyril  and Methodius (14th February) and St. Catherine of Siena (29th April)

            St. Benedict: Wednesday 11th July

            St. Bridget: Monday 23rd July

            St. Teresa Benedicta of The Cross: Thursday 9th August


Ordinary Time Autumn

Friday 14th Sept Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Thursday 1st November All Saints

Friday 2nd November All Souls

Friday 9th November Dedication of the Lateran Basilica

Sunday 25th November Our Lord Jesus Christ. King of the Universe

During Ordinary Time in autumn, from September to the feast of Christ the King, we are asked to pray for these intentions: Students and Teachers; The Spread of the Gospel; The Harvest; the Fruits of Human Work, and the Reverent Use of Creation; Justice and Peace in the World; All Victims of War; Young People; Prisoners and their Families.

              World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation: Saturday 1st September

              Education Day Sunday: 9th September 9 (2nd Sunday in September)

              Home Mission Day: Sunday 16th September (3rd Sunday in September)

              World Mission Day: Sunday 21st October (penultimate Sunday in October)

              The Harvest, etc: Sunday 23rd September (Sunday between 22nd – 28th September) or whenever Harvest Festivals are held

              Harvest Fast Day: Friday 5th October (1st Friday in October)

              Prisons Week: 14th – 20th October (2nd Week in October)

              Remembrance Day: Sunday 11th November (2nd Sunday in November)

              World Day of the Poor: Sunday 18th November (33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time)

              Youth Day: Sunday 25th November (Christ the King)


AdventSunday 2nd December First Sunday of Advent

Saturday 8th December The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Christmas – The Nativity of the Lord Tuesday 25th December 

Wednesday 26th December St. Stephen

Friday 28th December Holy Innocents

Sunday 30th December The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph     

Monday 31st December Seventh Day of Christmas Octave

During Advent and Christmastide we are asked to pray for these intentions: Openness to the Word of God, Migrants and Refugees, Expectant Mothers.

            Migrants’ Day: Monday 3rd December

            Bible Sunday: Sunday 9th December (2nd Sunday of Advent)

            Expectant Mothers: especially on 4th Sunday in Advent, 23rd December


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