Anchor is about creating an environment where the children can grow in holiness and their relationship with God. They have the opportunity to delve into the Biblical stories and develop strong bonds of friendship with one another.

We have different groups which are age appropriate. E.g. Our youngest group takes Biblical stories and explores them in an interactive manner. The children are encouraged to think through the story, picturing themselves in and interacting with the story.

In our oldest group of Anchor the passing of the faith is done mainly through using stories from the Bible. Each child has their own copy of the “Action Bible” which is an attractive comic Bible for children.

The children reflect on the stories in the Old Testament and how they are fulfilled in Christ in the New Testament. The children learn how each story impacts their faith and their Christian life as a follower of Christ. There is also an introduction to a deeper prayer life through Lectio Divina.

The different groups also get to join each other for film events regularly throughout the year.

Our sessions are one hour in duration from 4-5pm on Tuesdays during term time. The programme for the year can be downloaded below.

  • Children follow a course of study which is specifically designed for their age group.
  • Sessions are led by parish catechists.
  • Prayer and the Scriptures form an integral part of the programme.

Anchor is for all children in years 3-6. Children who are not attending a Catholic School should enroll in Anchor. 


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