Post WarPost War

On 19th December, 1947 Ealing Priory secured its independence from Downside.

Having lost the Compton organ a small Walker organ was purchased and placed to the left of the temporary sanctuary. Repairs began on the church in 1953 with the west Window being restored in 1954.

The Priory was raised to the status of an Abbey, by the Pope on 26th May, 1955, with Prior Charles Pontifex becoming the first Abbot of Ealing. A serious car crash resulting in multiple injuries the following August led to the election of Father Rupert Hall as the second Abbot on 25th February, 1956.

Full restoration work on the church was not started until September 1957 and was completed in 1962. It was opened officially with a Pontifical High Mass on 11th July, 1962, attended by Cardinal Godfrey with the sermon being preached by Abbot Bryne of Ampleforth, Abbot President of the Benedictine Congregation. Thus the first monastic church in London since the reformation was finally complete again.

In 1967 Abbot Francis Rossiter became the 3rd Abbot of Ealing and presided at the school’s 75th jubilee Pontifical Mass with Cardinal Hume. In 1991 Abbot Laurence Soper became the 4th Abbot and during his period as Abbot put in place the final development of the Church with the extension to the new choir stalls and the new Lady Chapel. He was followed by Abbot Martin Shipperlee as 5th Abbot in 2000.

On 1st September 2012 ‘Saint Benedict’s School Ealing’ was established as a seperate Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee. Monks continue to serve on the staff of the school and the Abbot and two of the Monastic Community are members of the Governing Body.