Ian Edwards

The Lord calls all of us to vocation, for some the call is to follow a vocation to priestly or religious life. There are many ways to answer the call and serve Jesus; we need to spend time and prayer to identify what our response should be. My initial vocation was to marriage and I am married to Jolanta. I am also blessed with another vocation and that is to the Permanent Diaconate.

After praying and discussing with my family and others I offered myself for service to the Church. Initially I had a number of discussions with my parish priest and the Diaconal Formation Director for the diocese of Westminster. Following my application there were more interviews and assessments culminating in a visit to Archbishop’s House where my wife and I met with Cardinal Archbishop Vincent Nichols. A little while later, I was informed that I had been selected to start the three years of formation which included part time studying for a degree through St Mary’s University at St John’s Seminary in Wonersh.

The three years of formation flew by and on Saturday 19th July 2014 I was ordained Permanent Deacon at Westminster Cathedral by Cardinal Archbishop Vincent Nichols.  Ordained with me that day were two other men from the Westminster Diocese, Deacon Stephen Khokar from St. Anselm’s Church in Southall and Deacon Justin Cross from St. Bartholomew’s Church in St. Albans.

Becoming a Permanent Deacon takes time, effort, prayers and reflection. If you hear God’s call and think a vocation to the Permanent Diaconate is where God is leading you then do discuss this with your Parish Priest and you can also contact Deacon Anthony Clarke (anthonyc@rcdow.org.uk) Director the Director for the Permanent Diaconate in Westminster Diocese.