Course One

Thursday    11 January                8.00-10.00pm

Thursday    18 January                8.00-10.00pm

Thursday    25 January                8.00-10.00pm (Newman Chapel)

Thursday       1 February             8.00-10.00pm

Thursday        8 February             8.00-10.00pm

Thursday    15 February               8.00-10.00pm

Saturday     17 February              3.00-8.30pm


Course Two

Thursday      17 May               8.00-10.00pm

Thursday      24 May               8.00-10.00pm

Thursday      31 May               8.00-10.00pm (Newman Chapel)

Thursday        7 June               8.00-10.00pm

Thursday       14 June              8.00-10.00pm

Thursday       21 June              8.00-10.00pm

Saturday        23 June             3.00-8.30pm


Course Three

Thursday    13 September      8.00-10.00pm

Thursday    20 September      8.00-10.00pm

Thursday    27 September      8.00-10.00pm

Thursday       4 October          8.00-10.00pm

Thursday      11 October         8.00-10.00pm

Thursday    18 October           8.00-10.00pm

Saturday     20 October           3.00-8.30pm


The Saturday session includes attendance at the 6.00pm Vigil Mass and an evening reception from 7.00 to 8.30pm to celebrate the end of the course and the forthcoming weddings

Attendance at all sessions is compulsory to receive a certificate.

Only one catch-up session will be offered in the event of sickness or an emergency.

If more than one session is missed, catch-up will happen at the next course and the certificate withheld until the course is completed.

To register for the course please complete the from which can be downloaded here