The Hospital Chaplaincy

THE HOSPITAL CHAPLAINCY is there to care for the spiritual, pastoral and religious needs of all patients, relatives and staff whatever their faith or belief.

On admission to hospital please ensure that your religion is registered and confirm that a friend or family member has contacted the Catholic Chaplain and the parish office to let them know your details. Hospital staff can no longer be relied on to do this. Chaplains are not allowed to seek out people to visit but must await a specific request from a patient.
Chaplains offer a friendly face, a listening ear, a chance to talk through thoughts and concerns, prayer, religious care, Sacraments. Everything is held in strictest confidence.

Chaplains visit the wards during the week and provide an on-call service in case of emergency. Please note that If you would like a chaplain to visit, it is better if you or a friend put your name and ward details through the chapel office door, since ward staff will often not help. Please also ensure that the parish office is advised.

Ealing Hospital 020 8967 5000  Sr Daniela Billa
Central Middlesex 020 8869 2112  Fr Augustin Paunon
Charing Cross 020 8846 1042 Fr Nigel Griffin
Clayponds 020 8560  1671  Brentford Parish
 Chelsea & Westminster 020 8746 8083 Fr Paul Addison
  Clementine Churchill  020 8904 2552  Sudbury Parish
 Hammersmith 020 8846 1042 Fr Nigel Griffin
 Northwick Park 020 8869 2112 Fr Augustin Paunon
 Royal Marsden 07881 464 236  Fr Joseph MuCullough
 St Bernard’s, Hanwell 020 8354 8243  Mrs Margaret McGettrick
 St Mary’s Paddington 020 7856 1508 Fr Jim Mulligan
 West Middlesex 020 8321 5447

Sr Marie McGrogan