Members of the Monastic Community

Monks Resident at Ealing Abbey

– Rt. Rev Dom Martin Shipperlee, Abbot (also Parish Priest )
– Rt. Rev Dom Francis Rossiter
– R Dom Dominic Taylor, Prior (Parish Team)
– R Dom Timothy Gorham, Sub-Prior (Parish Team)
– R Dom Gregory Chillman
– R Dom Vincent Cooper
– R Dom Peter Burns
– R Dom Andrew Hughes
– R Dom James Leachman
– R Dom Thomas Stapleford
– R Dom Alexander Bevan

Other Clergy

– Father Robin Burgess (Parish Team on loan from the diocese)
– Gordon Nunn Permanent Deacon (Parish Team)

Resident Elsewhere

– R Dom Stanislaus Hobbs. c/o Ealing Abbey

The Abbot and monastic community
are members of the English Congregation of the Order of St Benedict.

The parish is served by monks designated by the Abbot for this work.