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Dear Parishioner,

Advent is the season when we find ourselves waiting. Many of us will have a problem with that because in general we don’t like to wait for things, do we? Waiting can irritate and bore us; however Advent is the time when we should be waiting in joyful expectation. If we enter into the Advent season in the right spirit, the wait and the anticipation will allow us an opportunity to grow spiritually.

In the Gospel today we are reminded we need to stay awake and be ready. Advent provides us with a spiritual wake-up call.  To be spiritually awake we need to be attentive to God, we need to be open and receptive to his Word.

Today, this Sunday, is the start of a new church year. Another year has been and gone. Today we have a chance to make our new year’s resolution and we should seize the day. We need to be awake, to be alert, to be ready, to be concerned for others, to be active and help where we can and finally to care. 

As we begin this season and look forward with great joy to the birth of our Lord we turn to God in prayer. And as written in today’s psalm, I pray for you all: “Peace be to your homes! May peace reign in your walls, and in your palaces, peace!”

              Yours in Christ,

                                      Deacon Ian