DEAR PARISHIONER – Ealingabbeyparish




Dear Parishioner,

     Today Jesus tells us in the Gospel, “Love one another; just as I have loved you, you also must love one another”.  Of all of the commandments Christ gave us this is the most important one because it also includes all the other commandments as part of it. 

     But we have to ask ourselves what is Christian love:

  • Is it love when we are functional, loving someone because he or she is useful to us? Perhaps that is really more about oneself than love.
  • Is it romantic? The kind of feeling we have for someone because of the pleasure we get from being with them?
  • Is it duty?  Doing something because you feel you are required to out of a sense of obligation?
  • Or is love, Christian love, a selfless love, loving even when we don’t expect that there is anything in it for us? I believe this is what is meant by Jesus when he asks us to love.  This type of love expresses itself in service, affection and self-sacrifice. This type of love is achieved in us through the Holy Spirit. 

     Love brings out the best in the one who shows the love. People are at their best not necessarily when they are ‘in love’, but when they love, think, care and are joyous in relation to another person.  Jesus knows this is a challenge, but he wants us to work towards being the best, most loving people we can be.

     So today, let us especially think about the people whom we find it difficult to take into our hearts and ask the Lord to help us be more loving towards them. 

      Yours in Christ,

                                      Deacon Ian