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Dear Parishioner,

               Pope Francis said that the parable of the Good Samaritan isn’t just a nice passage to reflect on, “but signifies a concrete choice we make in deciding how to live and treat those around us”.  He urges us to understand that “The Good Samaritan indicates a lifestyle, the centre of which is not ourselves, but others, with their difficulties, who we meet on our path and who challenge us”.

In the Gospel, the lawyer asks Jesus, “Who is my neighbour?”  By neighbour we shouldn’t think too literally. Our neighbour is everyone, from the person next door to the stranger on the street. God invites us to love not as a duty or obligation but as a sign that we know and care about the people around us and with whom we interact.

At the end of the parable Jesus tells the lawyer to go and be like the Samaritan.  The road from Jerusalem to Jericho can be seen to represent the road of life that we are all travelling on. So today, let us especially think about the people we meet and pray that the Lord will help us to walk along that road like a Good Samaritan.

 Yours in Christ,

                        Deacon Ian